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 For more information re Toho bead sizes and finishes CLICK HERE
TOHO beads are produced starting from scratch. Silica ash, soda ash and charcoal are mixed and melted. The molten glass is then extruded and made into canes. The canes are made in either opaque or transparent glass. From these canes the process of creating different finishes, shapes and sizes is begun. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 7 weeks to produce the beads depending on the cut or finish
 TOHO Features

#1 LARGER HOLE than other companies' beads - The large hole of TOHO beads allow for multiple stringing, cording & threading. It gives you more variety of bead works

Round BeadsTriangles
TOHO toku 1 TOHO toku 3
Other toku 2 Other toku 4

#2 LIGHTER WEIGHT PER PIECE than other companies' beads - The larger hole makes a bead lighter. That means you can get more beads when you buy by weight. (see chart.)

Price becomes cheaper by the piece!

(as compared with other company's)
Small Round Beads Large Round Beads
TOHO: 111,800 pcs (approx.)
Other: 110,000 pcs (approx.)
TOHO: 41,200 pcs
Other: 39,000pcs
Treasures Cylinder Beads
AIKO Cylinder Beads
#15 Round Beads
#11 Round Beads
#8 Round Beads
# 6 Round Beads
Cube Beads
Magatama Drops
Bugle Beads
Demi Round #8
Demi Round #11
Demi Round #11

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