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About Serendipity Beads

"Serendipity" - Making a fortunate discovery while looking for something unrelated.
Never a truer word has been used to describe my journey into beading and ultimately to this littleshop Serendipity Beads. Really it could be said for just about anyone who enters into a bead shop and takes classes.
My husband introduced me to a local bead shop after doing some work there. I went to have a look for some stones to decorate some boxes I was making at the time. I walked out of the shop in awe and having booked my first class for the next day.
I was hooked and after countless classes (with friends), private tuition and the reading of many beading books and magazines I set about making predominately wedding jewellery to sell online. Absolutely a fortunate discovery in my eyes. Getting to work for myself doing something I love. Of course I also very much like the movie "Serendipity" with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Need I say more?
As time went on my jewellery making progressed to bead weaving and bead embroidered pieces which use Swarovski crystals, pearls and Japanese seed beads. It is this type of design and these products that fuel my passion to bead (I still have some more styles - eg micro macrame & Tatting - that I would love to learn)
As a result Serendipity Beads was born selling only the best quality products suited to these beading mediums. Along with these great products will be classes to help spread the creative joy of beading. Be warned - it is very hard to stop once you have started.
I am married to Craig and have two College aged daughters Peita and Alana who have shown a knack for this hobby and other creative tasks.