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Japanese Seed Beads Info

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Japanese Seed Beads are the most uniform of all seed beads manufactured today. The largest companies who make these are Toho and Miyuki. Czech and Chinese seed beads, are less uniform in their cut so you really need to search through when making woven projects to find similar size beads. These would be suitable for non woven jewellery. At this stage Serendipity Beads stocks mainly Toho Seed Beads although we do have a starting selection of the Miyuki Tila Beads. Our aim is to stock and supply a great selection of seed beads from these two top class manufacturers.
 TOHO Features

LARGER HOLE than other companies' beads - The large hole of TOHO beads allow for multiple stringing, cording & threading. It gives you more variety of bead works

LIGHTER WEIGHT PER PIECE than other companies' beads - The larger hole makes a bead lighter. That means you can get more beads when you buy by weight. 

Price becomes cheaper by the piece! 

 Seed Beads come in an array of colours and finishes: - 
opaque finish
Opaque refers to beads that transmit no light. Opaque beads also come in matte finishes.

transparent finish
Transparent beads do transmit light. These beads also come in matte finishes and are often referred to as frosted.

opaque rainbow finish
Iridescent, Rainbow or AB is a finish that is applied while the bead is hot. This creates a rainbow effect on the surface of the bead. With some of the matte beads a raku, or fired, look is created.

ceylon finish
Ceylon refers to transparent beads that have been lustered. These beads also look pearled.

luster transparent and luster opaque finishes
Luster is a shiny finish on the surface of an opaque bead. The luster applied will be either a color or white. The beads have a pearled finish look.

gold lustered finish
Gold Lustered beads are transparent beads that have been lustered with a gold finish creating a subtle gold highlight to the bead.

matte finish
Matte beads have a frosted surface with very rich, deep colors. TOHO's matte and metallic beads are by far the most beautiful on the market.

dyed rainbow finish
Dyed beads are transparent beads that have been painted and baked. Strong UV light may cause fading over time.

inside-color finish
Inside-Color beads are transparent beads that have had an opaque color applied to the inside of the bead.

galvanized finish
Galvanized beads are plated with zinc. TOHO has developed a new finish for the galvanized beads which will provide 95% durability.

metallic finish
Metallic beads have been heated and then sprayed with oxidized tin. The thicker the coating, the darker the finish.

higher metallic finish
Higher Metallic beads are surface coated with gold and then sprayed with oxidized titanium. The gold provides a brighter finish to these beads.

silver-lined finish
Silver-Lined beads are transparent beads that have been lined with silver. These beads have a wonderful sparkle to them. Silverlined beads also come in a matte finish that creates a frosted look.

bronze finish
Bronze beads are coated with gold mixed with other materials and then baked on.

nickel plated matte finish
Nickel Platedare..... Nickel-plated